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I need some help on changing my water


Jul 11, 2003
Tomarow i am planning on doing my first water change :biggrin2: . I just got done mixing my saltwater and it reads 1.023. I made this thread to ask about what i do about my filter. I have a fluval 403 canister filter, and i want to know how to clean it and the media.
If u fellas could answer these questions for me i would be very aprecciative :notworth:

p.s i heard not to clean all 3 of my filter media at the same time what do i do? take one out cleane it put it back it let the filter go for a while then do it again with another one?? Any other tips that i need to know during water changes would be fantastic thanks.
Hi Rockthis,

Seems to me it's a bit early to be cleaning the Fluval - Didn't you just set it up?

I know they're very vague about this in the booklet that comes with the Fluval, but I clean the Fluval 104 on my smaller tank every 4 weeks. Maybe you'll have to maintain the Fluval more often when you get your octopus.

ohhhhhh ok i just assumed that u clean the filter everytime u change the water :P . thanks a lot.
On another note my mollies are doing very well in their new home (with the exception of the 2 golden ones i bought both off which died soon after putting them in my tank [kinda strange that it was only the gold ones that died]). Also, whe i was there they had three octos! this was the first time i had ever seen one so close up and i can candidly say, they are incredible! I cant believe how cool looking they were. I cant wait until i get mine.
Hey i just have quick question so i didnt think there was a need to make an entirely new thread. I just changed my water, but now there doesnt seem to be enoughc water in the tank. The water line is about 3 1/4 inches from the top of the tank (the S.G is 1.025). Should i add more R.O water? And if i do and the S.G is to low should i add salt to the tank water?? thanks everyone :smile:
Hello Rockthis,

How about mixing up more salt water and adding it tomorrow moring after you mix it welll? Can your pumps, etc function with the water at this lower level?

What percentage of your water did you change?

Don't add salt directly to you tank!

Actually, it's a good idea to always have extra salt water mixed and ready. Some people advise you to have enough for a 20% water change at all times.

Ok il do that and il add my saltwater tomarow. However, my filter can operate at this low water level. I have a 50 gal tank (im not sure how much live rock) so i took out ten percent (5 gal) of the water.
On a different note, tomarow i am going to finally get my protein skimmer and i am looking towards the AquaC Remora. Is that a good skimmer (im not sure if u would know but if u do pass on the knowledge :mrgreen: )

p.s- thanks alot for answering Nancy (i was getting worried no one was going to answer.
Rockthis11 said:
p.s- thanks alot for answering Nancy (i was getting worried no one was going to answer.
Pretty quick service on Nancy's part if you ask me! Way to go N!! :biggrin2:

I'd say it's a safe bet to expect any responses to tank-related questions to be at least 48 hours, sometimes more... but a lot of times (like today) you can get lucky; it's a pretty active community!

Hmm... one of you guys should get try to organize a "Tank Talk" chat session -- just add it to the Community Calendar and see who shows up.

[/just a thought] :mrgreen:
Hi Rockthis,

No, you didn't offend anyone - don't worry.

We're often pretty quick at answering, but it will be a little while.

By the way, I'm still trying to understand how you have too little water - did you take out ten gallons instead of 5?

A good way to do the water change is to get two of the 5 or 7 gallon buckets that aquarium salt comes in (usually free from your LFS). Pour your new saltwater into one bucket (or mix it in that bucket). In the second bucket, put the water you're taking out. If both buckets are there by your aquarium, you can match the level of the water you take out with the water you have to put in.

yeah, thats the way i wanted to do it but i only had one 5 gallon bucket I had to use a different size for the water i took out (it was bigger than my 5 gallon) which led to the detruement(sorry i cant spell) in my water level.
Thanks again

p.s- i am happy to say that my mollies are doing great :biggrin2: (they ate the first day). Also, the first mollie i had put in that was hidding the whole time finaly came out for just a few minuets during feeding (im guessing it will be a little while before he feels safe poor little guy)

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