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I know an octo's smart, but how smart is his food?


Jan 19, 2004
something I noticed in my tank, and I'm curious to know about your experiences with it.

My octo has a lot of small crabs and shrimp in his tank as a foodsource. there are also a few black mollies in there. used them for maturing the tank and am just too lazy to get them out.

now I noticed something. there's a spot in the back of the tank, behind the rocks where the shrimp and mollies just won't go. they get near it and then suddenly back off. is it possible they realize the octo has his hide-out there and isn't too friendly towards them?

crabs don't seem to have that problem, they go where they please. but on the other hand, they're the first to disappear.
If there's some kind of instinct then my Domino and 4 Stripe Damsel sure as heck don't have it. These guys swim right up to OCTOROK and he never ceases to give them a good chase. Perhaps they are smart enough to know he's a predator, and are just showoffs!!

Robert :cyclops:

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