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i have a new video of my bimac eating a shrimp , how do i post it

TONMO, did you receive my PM about Avaters?

And i have a video on Humbolt squid from NG recorded from TVwith a digi camera. Can I post that or is is ilegal?
no, no way of catching it in a 240
he has never harrassed him

he does sometimes sweeep his tail close by him , but it doestn bother the octo , he just pushes him away and does what he wants to do

ill see if i can take another video of him jetting and pouncing on a crawdad tommorow, but he is full today , so i wont be able to do it to night
Hi marinerules,

That's a good video and thanks for posting! Will look forward to a crawdad video.

As for the damsel, it looked to me like it went for your bimac's eyes - we've had reports of other damsels doing that. Your octo turned darker and retreated into his den - a defensive move.

I agree with Carol, your octo would be better off if you removed the damsel.

i cant catch him in that tank

ive never seen him bother his eyes

sometimes he eats his food out of his den and on the sand, but he always retreates to his den after he finishes his meal.