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I have a chiller for sale.


Dec 16, 2002
I have a chiller I am looking to sale. It is made by U.M.I. (Universal Marine Industries) and it is 1/3hp. Model #AQ-E4-NP. Its about 20x16x13 and has a 1 stage electronic controller. The housing was cracked on one side and has been repaired with some screws. It looks a little like Frakenstein :bonk: on that side, but not too bad. It was checked out recently and we replaced the relay. They told us it needs a new fan and then it will work fine. I inherited this chiller with a large aquarium and have no need for it. You could probably find info on it at the U.M.I. web site if you want. I would rather not ship it (since that is how it received its broken housing in the first place)and hope someone in AZ can pick it up. Let me know if you are interested.
Price is $400.00 obo. (it retails for approx. $950)
I will post some pics soon.

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