I admit, I was inspired by a bond movie..

Oct 24, 2003
I remember watching 'Octopussy' and being captivated by the pet octopus. I was captivated in my neurological psychology classes when they talked about octopuses. A friend of mine mentioned that instead of talking about them I might actually /own/ one, an idea that had never really crossed my mind.

So I have found this wonderful resource on ceph ownership. This site has a wealth of information. At this point, I think it is realistic of me to say that my lifestyle (and income) probably wouldn't work out with octopus ownership but hopefully I can vicariously learn what it's like to own one by reading everyone else's stories.

So keep up the great work, posting stories and pictures! Maybe one day I'll be able to own one as well. I must say I am sorely disappointed to learn that they have such short lifespans! Such a tragedy for such a captivating creature!

Back to lurking..
Welcome, PlantyHamchuck!

Lots of people are inspired by Bond films, and not just to learn about octos. No one will sell me a car with a refridgerated glovebox for the Bollinger!

Lots of us don't have the ability to keep a pet octopus, but we post anyway. Don't be shy!

Hey Planty,
Sorry this is such a long time coming, but :welcome:!

Just wanted to register my agreement with you on this... I've never owned an octopus myself (or a tank for that matter), but if conditions ever do arise where I can devote time/effort to such a cause, I'll be well-prepared, thanks to the community that has gathered here!

Happy lurking... :smile:
Mmmh... Welcome !

This forum is interesting even if I have no tanks (no enough time to take care of it and its habitant) I have read for the last 2 days (since my registration) many interesting things about Lego, living giant squids, the nearly day by day adventure of Ink :wink: ... I have the chance to dive so my "tank" is a little bigger than any other tanks in this forum and I enjoy any encounters with cephalopods.

Impressive, funny, accurate would be the word I would use to describe this forum. A great source of fun and informations. So thank you for existing on the internet ! 8)
i too became a octo wanter soooo bad by octopussy.Now I have decided to get one.(baby bimac of course)This may be a shock to all of you but i am only 11.Thats right, E-L-E-V-E-N. :bonk: I work for my dad and thats howw im going to pay for it. Oh and does Malak or Revan strike a bell for any of you!
I had a free trial of Galaxies and that thing absorbed my life!!! Amazing game but a bit annoying that it has a monthly fee!

Havnt tried KOTOR yet

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