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How's this setup?/RO Water


Feb 13, 2005
Hi....again. As i mentioned before, I am new to this board. Hopefully I wont start to drive people insane with all my posts. Well i went out today and started to purchase items for my octo setup. Here is a list of what i purchased: well first i should just mention this is going to be a 55 gal tank.
1. 40 lb. bag of Carib Sea Argonite(sand) I hope this will be enough.
2. 15 lb. bag of instant ocean for 55 gallons
3. A deep six hydrometer (which although there is directions, i still have no clue how to use it.
4. A Seaclone 100 Protein Skimmer

I still need to purchase a filter. I think i am aimming towards a canister filter. Can anyone recommend one for a 55 gallon tank? If any of what I bought does not sound like the correct item please let me know. Also please let me know if there is anything else that i will need to add to my list.

Also I have a question about reverse osmosis water. If the pipes in my house are copper, will the RO system take out copper. Am I safe to use the water from my house. Thanks so much. Oh yeah, sorry for such a long post.
I'm kind of curious about the copper pipe question, too. I've heard people say that if your pipes are copper your DI water won't be safe. I don't know if anyone at a LFS or anywhere else DIW is sold will guarantee me what type of pipe they have, however!

I get my DI water from school. The Geology Department has a massive DI system to support a number of labs. I honestly don't know what the pipes are made of.

I've been having trouble finding a copper test kit at a LFS. I'll break down and order one from the internet pretty soon, but I hate the idea of paying $5 to ship a $3 item (I know, I know, that'll be my shipping ratio for the octo, too...).

I'm almost afraid to do a copper test, though. ThatPetPlace has the text of the instructions to one test kit online. "Even a very faint color indicates the presence of copper."

Copper plumbing is rarely used for RO/DI water...most often it is PVC...but that would certainly be an issue! All of the stores I know of use pvc, and the same holds true for the water store we buy from...
I guess I just don't have a lot of faith in my fish shops around here--few are managed, operated or even employed by hobbyists. I'm imagining them hooking into the most convenient pipe for their DI system rather than running PVC all the way to where the water comes into the building.


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