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how's this for a name?

Jul 15, 2005
Since I live down here in Miami and more people speak spanish here then english I was thinking about nameing my bimac the spanish word for octopus... Pulpo.
I kinda like it .
Cute little Pulpo.
Give me some feedback
"Pulpo" is a truly great name. I had a stage name once (I was in a zoot suit) of "El Pulpo Grande". Not sure how correct the grammar is on that...
That's pretty good. I was thinking "Ocho" would make a good name for whenever I get around to keeping one, though I'm sure it has been used before. Perhaps "Junior" would be better, or maybe "Dale"...
That sounds pulposterous !!!!

Seriously, though, that is a great name...easy to use !

Ok Pulpo it is.

I haven't seen him much since he got in his new home. There is a lot of rock and other hiding places. The last I saw him he was on the left back side of the tank but didn't see him once yesterday but then I worked too late last nite to see the tank with the lights on. Is there a rule of thumb as to where he might be? Bottom? top? I will keep looking. (from the outside, no flipping rocks)

Chip (and Pulpo) :wink:

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