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How to Start


Jan 20, 2008
you might have seen my other thread i posted yesterday introducing myself. I got a post on it telling me to read, now, i have not had that much expierience with salt water tanks, or cephs. so can anyone suggest books to help me learn about salt water tanks, and keeping a cephalapod. i read the cephalapod care article, but it did not cover everything i would like it to cover. so an suggestions?
The New Marine Aquarium (Paletta) is great for saltwater basics. As far as cephs go, you can try to get your hands on the June 2007 issue of Tropical Fish Hobbiest magazine; which focuses on cephalopods. Otherwise all the information you need for caring for an octo or cuttle is going to be found online, generally on this site. If you have more specific questions than those answered in the care articles, don't be shy to ask. You can also use the search feature to find out if someone has already asked the same question you have.
Sometimes public aquariums will have classes on how to set up a salt water aquarium. Also you could volunteer at an aquarium to get experience. You might also find an aquarium society or club in your area to join.

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