How much is this nautiloid

Feb 13, 2005
I was wondering about a price range of this fossil. I saw some between 20 and 50 bucks. There are some gastropods in it too, but what is the big piece sitting right on the edge of the nautiloid is it a piece of a trilobite? Who and how can I find out how much it is. I have been on those sites for my lab report.


Fossil man
Hi Fossil man,

I could be wrong, but as far as I know none of us regular contributors deal in fossils, so I'm not sure how we could price your fossil. Having said that, nautiloids similar to yours often appear on e-bay, maybe starting at $20 or so. I really don't think it is especially valuable, I'm afraid.

Any chance of a larger picture? the picture you have posted is tiny and it is hard to make out what is going on.

From a casual look at Google it seems that one of the most common nautiloids from Caesar's Creek is Orthonybyoceras(aka Treptoceras), an orthocerid nautiloid. If it is one of those then it is Upper Ordovician in date, probably 451-443 mya (Cincinnati Stage).

You might like to have a look at this site for more information on the location and its associated fauna:

The following link is to the page on the above site which details the cephalopods found there. It has some excellent photographs should you wish to compare:

Best regards,


(P.S. Why is the place called Caesar's Creek? The Roman invasion of Cincinnati is a tale lost to time, it seems!) :wink:
another pic of my nautiloid

Here is another clearer picture of my nautiloid and another picture of what it looked like when I got it back in my dorm room.

Fossil man


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That is a great fossil Fossil man. It looks like there is alot of other fragmented fossil parts in the rock. It looks like you have bryozoans, and trilobite and/or brachiopod pieces maybe even some echinoderm plates. It is hard to tell from just a photo :wink: The thing next to the nautiloid reminds me of the apex of an endoceroid, but again, it is hard to tell from a photo, does it look flat or does it look like it could be a cylinder?

Spartacuseseses Nautiluseseses can be seen Here.

And :welcome: to TONMO
it is more flat than cylindrical, it might be one of those Endoceras things I looked it up on the site phil sent me and it is from the same rock formation. There are some bryozoan pieces and other little things, some gastropods too. One big one is where the triangular tip of the rock is and another is tiny and on the back. I look at it with my microscope all the time. Do you know how much something like it is worth. This close-up picture might help see things better and the other picture is at an angle too if that helps.


Fossil man


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cheers Kevin for linking Fossil man up with the naut pics.
Cheers Fossil man, all the glory is really for my eagle eyed better 'alf, I was too busy with the fishing masterclass ! :biggrin2:

as your specimen is the only one of it's kind in the known universe (which is quite large) & fairly old at 451-443my, I'd say it's priceless

i will look at getting my computer set up to post some pictures of my nautilus fossils!!! They are really nice black stone (dunno but it looks like marble or something...?)

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