how many octopi...

I thought the ultimate question & answer couldn't be known in the same lifetime?

'Nother S.K. adaption (changed one word, BEAR to SQUID) from his Dark Tower series.

See the SQUID of fearsome size
All the worlds within his eyes

There's two more lines but I couldn't make it make sense with a squid...
Frankly, I think Jack Black would make an excellent Cthulhu - the aggression, the energy, the sheer girth, the heavy-metal credentials, put this guy in the right costume and turn him loose on a bunch of scale models!

Incidentally, does anybody remember the Beastie Boys' "Intergalactic Planetary" video (I think directed by Spike Jonz) where they pilot a giant robot and battle Cthulhu in a model Tokyo set? Nice costume, although it has what loooks like multiple sets of eyes - reminded me a bit of vampyros with their "headlights". :cthulhu:

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