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How do I know if i'm feeding too much?

Feb 25, 2003
Last night I got some clams from octopets.

are those things cool, but that's a different topic.

anyway, they don't look like alot of food for Odo, but I'm just wondering

How often and how many to give him/her at a time?

Do octo's eat if they are not hungry?

and, How do I know if I'm giving enough food?

Last thing I want is a fat octopus, like so many dogs I see.
There is a much greater danger of underfeeding than overfeeding. The NRCC feeds bimacs of that age several times a day.

As for the number of clams, Octopets says to start with 3, but you should also begin to add some small pieces of frozen thawed shrimp. He won't overeat. Be sure to remove uneaten food, like the shirmp, to keep your tank clean.

The clams are very small,

only about 1/4" (1 cm) across.

I think Odo is still munching alot on pods in the tank, so I'm not too
woried about under feeding.
Starting a bit of shrimp now is good because all little Octopets bimacs supposedly have eaten thawed frozen shrimp already and you want Odo to accept some non-live food in the future.


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