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how can it survive??

Jul 26, 2003
This probably hasn't been discussed here before, I don't know and im too lazy to search it so im posting about it lol.
My question is, will a ceph survive a long trip using airtravel, If I were to decide to move from the u.s. to europe and take my pet's with me could they endure all those hours in a bag, it's not like if I can take my equipment with me, so when I arrive how could I make this all happen, I mean how will I set it all up.Relocation for a ceph is very tough, but for a person with a ceph going elsewhere, now that is a lot more difficult of a task.
Keep in mind that the setup process is very long, cycling is necessasry with new tank's, I will need to have it all set up already, I can't manage that can I? :smile:

I dont think that it could de doen in one day because as you say you need a cycled tank to put it in... unless you contacted a friendly LFS and ased if they would octo sit for you for a couple of months if they have a spair tank??

To be honest i think it would be much more hassle than what its worth, and anyway, you can get a new vulgaris here :smile:

Also, you would need written permission from DEFRA to bring ceph to UK for example and also similar from USA to take it out...

so, what are you planning?
that's right, especially for a species that if escaped or released on purpose could survive in water around europe.. the import and export of any living thing needs paperwork from both countries stating that its okay to do so and they may even want vets (at your expense) at both ports to check!

So, hassle a plenty! (I used to frequently visit rainforests to find animals for TV documentaries and ocassionally we would bring bits and pieces back to film in the studios, so had to do this many times)
Well, it appears that they did because cephs have been about for millions of years and teh last ice age was ~10000yrs ago......
yes, they could survive, it clearly is applied with darwin's theory, those strongest survive and those weakest die, im sure that many died because of the sub-polar temeperatures, im foucusing on those ceph's that are, correction, were used to warm water condition's, but clearly speaking those that survived had to adapt to the environment's condition's, I wonder if those ceph's that are now used to cold water condition's maybe had ancestor's that were used to warm water and adapted to cold water and so forth, it's a matter of genetic's I think.

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