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How active is your Octopus?


Dec 19, 2005
I have been wondering how active all of your octo's are. Do they run away when they see you? Do they come out when you walk by? How often do you see them? This has been going through my mind forever! LOL!
mine used to come out and stick to the front glass everytime i came in the room. and would then go back and forth in the aquarium trying to get my attention. if that didnt do it he would begin taking apart return pipes and would start to be a little sphinxter then when i was on the computer he would sit there and watch me and flash colors evertime the screen changed

When Herman was alive he was out all the time. The first month while he was getting used to us he would be mostly hidden but after that he was out all the time. Herman acted pretty much like the previous post. He would come out when I was in the room and squirt me with water at feeding time. I was SO impressed with how social he was. We miss him :cry:
It depends a lot on the age of the octopus. Younger ones hide more. As they get a little older, they come out more. Either way, they're most likely watching you. The younger ones are most always there in sight, but blend in so well you can miss them.

ive notice that my octopus gets slightly more active right after water changes when the the water has less salt. maybe its like a breath of freshish water.

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