Hopeful Keeper/Newb


Jun 23, 2004
Hi everyone

I've always been a freshwater aquarium keeper but have recently decided that I would really enjoy owning an octopus.

I don't plan on having my own octopus for at least a year, maybe even two. That is how long I believe it will take me to learn all I need to about not only keeping a saltwater tank, but an octo tank. I'm going to be lurking around the boards learning all I can about keeping these amazing creatures.

Any advice on where is a really good place to read about how to keep an octopus(besides here of course :roll:) would be greatly appreciated.
Hi and welcome to TONMO.com!

Be sure to have a look at my Checklist under Ceph Care, too, because I wrote it as a result of problems people were having and questions they had posed.

Since you're not planning on an octo too soon, you might practice on a small saltwater tank, such as an invertebrate tank, which can be both beautiful and interesting.

Nice that you're going to join us eventually as an octo keeper!

just a wee note that some of the stuff on the dal.ca link is a bit out of date now... EG check out the tank sizes and so on... 15 gals is too small for a bimac... also several members of TONMO.com have had octopuses live quite a long time after laying eggs... very good article but might be confusing for a new person as there is conflicting information...


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