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Apr 20, 2005
my octopus hasent come out too much in the past 2 weeks I havent realy seen him crawl al over the glass and be about. Instead he is hiding. what should I do? oh I have a bunch of crads from the beach to feed him. :hmm: I just dont now if he is dead or not.
Are there signs he's still eating? If so, I would leave him alone. Sometimes they take longer to adjust and disturbing his environment is just going to freak him out again. Patience!!!! :smile:
such a releaf I finaly found my octopus he is in his den with 2 crab shells if frunt of it he started to move a little bit wile I looked at him I am grabbing a few more crabs to see if they incorage him to come out :mrgreen:
Glad you found your octo.

Maybe it would come out more if you had a more natural lighting scheme - lights on during the day and dark except for red light at night. You might have success with moonlights (blue) at night.


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