Mar 23, 2005
hello ceph keepers(i cant say fellow ceph keepers cause i dont have one, YET), i to like sci-fi, but stargate is a little confusing for me,but i like alien(as in the movie(xenomorphs)series). im going to be certified 2 scuba by the beggining of summer. i have some q's i wanna ask if any one is willing, and uuuhhhhhhh...... hi
triggerhappy tuna :lol: can't get away from the mental picture of a mean-looking tuna with a minigun... T-800! Eat yr heart out!

Edit: and stargate rocks! :wink:

Welcome, triggerhappytuna! There are lots of people who can answer questions about keeping cephs. Someone may have asked some of your questions in the ceph physiology and ceph care forums.

chrono_war, press on with that rescue course to be ready for when I take a dive course!

cool, i want to continue my dive education once im through with the lessons, im aiming for master scuba diver, what type of liscence do u have(as in National Geographic, PADI, ect.)
... :lol: I'm trying to get over the mental picture of the tuna. Well have fun on this site.

And by the way, Stargate DOES rock!

:mrgreen: GPO87