Anyone looking for a field assistant? Can be unpaid.


Feb 28, 2015
Hi, I was wondering if anyone was looking for a field assistant. It can be unpaid since I can apply to my school for funding but the deadline for that is April 15th so that might be cutting it kind of close.

I'm a 3rd year undergraduate majoring in Biology and I currently work taking care of octopods in a lab. Before this I volunteered with a postdoc helping pick out ostracods for his work on Bahamian lakes. I got busy with school and missed a lot of the REU deadlines but if you know of any summer ones that are still open please let me know.

I will hopefully be PADI Open Water Certified by summer and can do a certain number of dives before if it's important to the research. I was almost certified before but there was a family medical emergency a week before my open water dives so I didn't end up getting certified but that hopefully won't happen again.

I really like my job but think that doing field work would be a really valuable experience. I'd especially like to work on SCUBA and photography (I have experience in photography but none underwater).

I've taken ecology courses like Marine Ecology and Biodiversity as well as quantitative courses like Biological Physics, Introduction to Quantitative Modeling in Biology Advanced and Image Processing in Biology (in addition to normal courses like physics, chemistry and math). I've mostly been taught to program in R though I've learned CSS, HTML and OpenSCAD in the past so I don't think I'd have difficulty picking up a different programming language. I've read numerous cephalopod papers, take care of octos and know a lot about them though I obviously still have a lot to learn.

They aren't particularly relevant, but I'm also familiar with photography, graphic design and digital fabrication (e.g. 3D printing, laser-cutting). And I will be taking Electronics this quarter.


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Sep 4, 2006
@Spirula, This showed up in my email today and may be of interest (use the Education Hub link for more information)

MCERC 2015 Summer Internships and Courses -- Please share

Wed Apr 15, 2015 4:25 pm (PDT) . Posted by:
"Cathy Bacon" whalelover73

MCERC is announcing summer programs and internships for 2015.Caribbean Field Station in Puerto Rico USA5-8 students per two instructorsGeared towards marine biology, marine ecology, natural and marine resources management, wildlife ecology, marine science, and anyone interested in bolstering field skills!Many of our students receive 3 – 4 credit ours through independent study at their university
Week long field programsOrnithology: Endemic, Invasive, and Endangered Species (May 24-30)Coral Reef Ecology (May 31-June 06)Invasive Species Origins and impacts (June 14-20)Marine and Coastal Ecology (June 21-27)Triumph in Writing: Preparing Your Manuscript for Publication (July 05-11)Money Matters! Finding grants and stacking the odds in favor of funding (July 12-18)GIS Applications in Wildlife Ecology (July 19-25)Wildlife Photography (Session 1-July 26-August 01; Session 2-August 02-08)Ecology of Caribbean Reef Fishes (August 09-15)Coral Reef Ecology (August 16-22)Acoustics in Marine Habitats (August 23-29)Coastal Ecosystems (September 13-19)Coastal Resources and Management (September 20-26)For more information, see the attached fliers or the following sites
web site
Education Hub

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