Hi Ya'll


Feb 2, 2005
Hello everyone,
I am incredibly interested in the ceph species. I am an advanced open water diver and i have had and currently own several animals. I would LOVE to have an octopus that is interactive and good for "beginners". Any information you could supply me with would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
:welcome: Anna !!!
always happy to get another "ceph-head" (pardon the pun) on board !!!! There are articles under the ceph care tab on the upper right, written by experienced members...and the rest of us are always here to answer questions while they get their beauty sleep !
I've read all i can and im a little confuzed :confused: i have a couple of questions.
1) if i get a bimac and it bites me, is it a concern that i am allergic to bees?
2) how much will the equipment cost?
3)What is the most interactive and "fun" species that you would reccomend?
4)How much of my time will the octopus like to "share" with me, and how much time will the care of him/her take me each day?
5) why would you reccomend that I aquire an octopus and let it allow me to share its life?

:welcome: I just had to respond to your questions!!!

1. I have had many octopuses over the years and have never been bitten. If you are careful when working around them, I believe it is avoidable.

2. Depends on what you want. I would say you would be looking to spend anywhere's from $400 and up. I had tanks given to me so that helped with the initial setup and I knew copper was never used. That would be an issue in getting a used tank

3. Bimacs have to be my favorite. My one octopus Ink was very interactive. Seemed to crave attention! They all have different personalities and the time you put into interacting, is what you will get out of it!!

4. As far as daily care, mine get my attention at least an hour or more a day and this can be just bothering them!!! Water changes and maintenance, testing the water are added things that need to be done, as well as making a daily check that all equipment are working properly. It deffinately is a commitment to successfully keep these animals.

5. This is my favorite question to answer. I have had many octopuses over the years, and they are so fascinating that when one passes, I need to have another as I want to continue to experience these creatures! They are all so different in personality. You will be addicted once you have had your first!!!!

wow i am REALLY excited about aquireing all this new information and hopefully i will be able to succesfully obtain and keep an octopus! Please keep the information coming! I love it!

Hi and welcome!! You'll have a lot of fun here, that's a sure thing. I don't know very much about chephs but love to paint them. I did have a small salt water tank once and kept an anenome and clownfish for a long time. You're an open water diver....very Cool!!! I live on the Gulf side of Florida and frequent the beaches here...but not much of a swimmer. Glad you're here and enjoy!! ~Pauline
thanks! i saw my first octo (in captivity) today! he was about the size of a dime and VERY cute! my parents are kind of getting into the whole aquarium thing! cool!

Hi and welcome to TONMO.com,

We've talked on the Ceph Care forum, but thought I might extend an official welcome.

Very good idea to get your parents interested if you're thinking of keeping an octopus. :smile:


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