Hi everyone...


Oct 15, 2005
My name is Jason, and i stumbled in here via Google while searching around for high quality pictures of squid, cuttlefish, octopi, etc.

So far i'm really digging the site, and have learned a lot in the short time i've spent here. If anyone knows of any other sites that have lots of pics of squid/octopi/cuttlefish/etc., i'd love to hear about them.
:welcome: Hi Jas! Welcome to the site! You've certainly come to the right place for information and I hope you enjoy your time here. :grin:
Hi Jas M, welcome! You've definitely come to the right place. The only other truly credible cephalopod site, in my opinion, is that of Dr. James Wood (my early mentor, in fact, with regard to the ceph-head community). It is The Cephalopod Page (or TCP for short), and his species descriptions and photos are something I've envied since the get-go.

Between here and there, you cannot go wrong. Actually, I'd be remiss not to add the Tree of Life website as well, definitely worth your perusal.

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