Hi All!

Jan 23, 2005
Hi everyone!

What a great place to find Octo info! I've been wanting to set up an Octopus tank for nearly 10 years now, since seeing my first one in a fish store and choosing NOT to make an impulse buy, until I knew what I was getting into. And now, FINALLY getting close to actually doing it! (No, I haven't been researching the lil' suckers for that long...only been seriously checking into it for the past year or so...and REALLY seriously for about 6 weeks.)

I've kept freshwater fish, but not salt. So I've been reading, reading, reading all about everything I need to get it off to the right start. I've decided that a 55gal is still the best size tank to set up for my first one (tank, that is), and have been checking out selection and pricing on that and all the other goodies I'll need, before even thinking about adding the critter. I'm having a blast learning, and can't wait until I'm able to take the actual "plunge," and get started, within the next couple of months!

Question: How do you tell a male Octopus from a female? Just curious, as I'm not sure it matters. I just want to know how you can tell. Are there any differences in behavior/temperament between the two?

Second question: What are some of the names you've all chosen for your eight-legged "children?"

Thanks for having such a wonderful site! I look forward to checking back often.


("Mom" to two Basenji's, one Bengal cat, an African Grey Parrot and a Blue and Gold Macaw. Oh yeah...there's another two-legger around here too. He's about 6'4", and says that it'll be time to end our relationship, when the "Camel falls into the swimming pool." lol Thankfully I have neither Camel, nor swimming pool...yet. *grin*)
Welcome to Tonmo! I am sure you will feel right at home with all of us like-minded animal nuts!


Always good to have new members!

Trust me, you will find more information on this Godsend of a site than you care to know.

The kid squid expert,
Thanks for the warm wlcome!

Thanks everyone! I've sure enjoyed the site and reading everything on it so far, and I'm looking forward to finally getting set up and running soon!

Too cool! And you've been sooo nice!


:notworth: :notworth:
Hi Andrea and welcome to TONMO.com!

In answer to your questions, there is not an easy way to determine the sex of the very popular "bimac", a tank raised octopus which many of us keep as pets. You'd probably get a bimac too, since they are raised near San Diego.

As for names, go to Ceph Care, the Journals and Photos forum and you'll see the names. I have a list of some of them in the first post under Bimac Siblings at the top of the forum. Some recent names are G2 (not a bimac), Octorok, Bonnie and Clyde, Lil Ze and so forth.

Glad to have you aboard,

Thanks, Nancy. Yes, I just found out about Octopet on Friday. There is a gentleman here in town to whom I was referred by a friend, who has been keeping saltwater for MANY years. He now breeds seahorses, and offerred to loan me a couple of really excellent books on setting up a saltwater aquarium. When I told him about my "first love" being an Octopus, he showed me the Octopet.com website, and told me they were right in San Diego. I've checked the website here at home and found there is no address. I wonder if I contacted them and told them I was local, and bringing cash, if they'd let me go pick up my new baby personally? I don't like the idea of shipping trauma if it's not necessary. A two hour car ride home from the store is bad enough! We'll see... If not, there are a couple of other places that this guy referred me to, that have Octopusses occasionally. If they don't have one when I want it, they can probably get it...from Octopet! lol

It's still a couple of months away, but I'm really excited that I'm actually going to be an "Octo-Mom" after a 10 year wait! Of course, my friends always thought I was a little "off." Now they're sure of it...but definitely interested in checking out the new addition, once he/she arrives! Funny how it always seems to work that way!

I'm off to check out the name game now! *does happy dance*

Some of our TONMO members have personally picked up their baby octos from Octopets. You'll need to make arrangements in advance, of course. One nice thing is that when you buy your octopus, you can also buy the baby clams they grew up eating, so it makes feeding easier at first.

I think Octopets is located just north of San Diego, right along the coast.

Oh that would be cool! Then I could have one of the "family!" I was just looking at the other link you mentioned, and really enjoying the OCTOROK story. Poor lil' guy! But what a neat little character!

Yes, definitely if I go down to Octopets, I'll get some of the clams and other food he'll need at the same time, so we'll be all set for a little while.

Andrea :tentacle: :tentacle:
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