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hi all im new here


O. vulgaris
Oct 26, 2007
hi all my name is david and i come frome sweden, im not so good to write in english so im sry if it is somthing u dont understand, but to the question now i have always think to have a octopus but its hard to found here in sweden, then i started to read a lot beacuse i now that it is very difficult to care an octo and i have read a lot on thise site. But how did i get one ? if someboddy know plz help me :wink: its a bimac im interested in
:welcome: to TONMO! The best place to discuss getting an octopus is the "octopus availability" thread, but, unfortunately for our European members, most of the suppliers are in the U.S. It's still worth discussing, because we'd all like to see the octopus availability discussion bring up sources for healthy octos worldwide, and you asking might bring other Europeans into the discussion!

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