Hey Guys!


Feb 9, 2008
My name is Josh, i live in Canada BC and i have recently been getting into reef aquariums.... i have started to finnaly get into my own reef aquirium and i am looking into all the species that i can find...

The main reason i am here is research.... i love learning about new creatures from the oceans sense i finnaly discovered the beauty of it at my first visit to the vancouver aquarium last xmas.... ( i have recently decided to pursue the career of marine biologist because of this, i never knew how interesting the sea can be until i manage to visit it for myself.... we live up north and funds arnt the best so we never get to go anywheres)

but sense im about to graduate i soon will be attending collage at either UBC or Uvic i honestly cant wait till i can finnaly persue my dream and have the ability to finnaly volenteer at a public aquirium....

So far out of everything i have seen i have to say octopuses are my favorite (next to sea horses) they are simply beutiful creatures.... sadly it doesnt look like i will actually be able to obtain one for myself as i will probably not be able to afford one =(...

I am very happy to meet all of you and i am looking forward to seeing much more of you guys in the future....

Thanks for reading this!

Welcome Josh,

Even if you won't be able to have your own octopus for a while, you can share in many of our TONMO.com octopuses. Be sure to keep up with the journals in the Journals and Photos forum.


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