Hey Guys

Jan 19, 2004

I have a spare 40 gallon tank and I think I'm going to start an Octopuss tank, I'm planing on geting a bimac, when my tank is set up. I've been reading, but I have a few questions.

1. What is the purpose of macroalgae in an Octopuss Tank?

2. How often do you guys do what changes, and how often does an octopuss ink?

Thanks guys,
Hi Ed, welcome to tonmo.com

for your questions...

1) Mainly for decoration and enrichment. They spend a lot of tim ein it and hunting amongst it so they will beneift from the activity... helps remove a small amount of nitrate too :)

2) Regular water changes either weekly or fornightly. They only ink if theyget a fright so especially in the early days.. move carefully

hope that helps
The macroalgae can be a small source of oygen and can make the tank look pretty good so long as it doesn't overgrow.

As for the ink, like what Colin said, they only ink when frightened. A skimmer will come handy when an octo inks.

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