Hey guys! New here.


Aug 20, 2018
Los Angeles


Hey all! Good to find a site that's dedicated to such a niche love. I'm a first time cuttle companion but I'm proud to say that out of 4 hatchlings to start I have one that has made it to about the size of a quarter. He has recently been released out of the net breeder and into the tank at large. I am here to see if anyone has any, or knows a way to get some, juvinile cuttles for sale. My tank is 60 gallons and I would love more than one but it's been a long road of about 4 months to rear him from a hatchling and the cost of mysis weekly has been steep. Now that my lil guy is eating shore shrimp (has been for a month) it's looking much more sustainable. So I would love to possibly get a few more that are big enough to eat shore shrimp!

I included a few pics of my little guy, love him so much! Such amazing animals.
As you have learned, it is costly to get them to a size where food is not a financial crisis. Most keepers who get them this far keep the animals they have raised. There have been attempts at commercial captive breeding but few people are willing to pay the high prices needed to make a profit. You can watch Live Aquaria but I don't know that they have continued the small pilot program they started a couple of years ago. They still display a cuttlefish as a heading for their Aquacultured Inverts page but don't currently have cuttles for sale. Also subscribe (watch) the Sources for Cephalopods and Food thread as keepers will occasionally look for homes when too many eggs are successful for their tank.

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