Hey folks, sorry I've been away for so long


Sep 26, 2005
Just to say that I'm still around. We suffered a family tragedy last week, and so I've been running aorund like a headless chicken (trying to keep myself active). My step dad was killed in a fall, so I've had to look after my mum, in between my final exams. Funeral's tomorrow, which I'm dreading, so I might still be a while away. I may pop back every so often, but there's so much. I'm not expecting any sympathy (seems all we get just now, and yet it doesn't change anything), maybe just a bit of understanding, and I thought I'd better explain myself... I've not exactly abandoned ship yet :wink:, you will have still put up with me for a while.

I should really say thanks to Jean, if I haven't already, for sending me that Nautilus paper. Very interesting in its entirety! Well, take care... and Toren, don't you be stealing all of Monty's Cthulhu figures... leave a couple for me:lol:

MIne too, Graeme. His death, the funeral and all the things you have to take care of are difficult enough, but trying to handle finals at the same time.....very, very tough. I'll be thinking about you. Hang in there.
Yeah. It sucks. Although I did finish my exams on Wednesday, so at least I can now concentrate on helping my mum, and my step dad's family. I'm currently swithering on going to Edinburgh to go to Vet school, but if I'm going to have to study for another 5 years I probably won't... plus I'm a bit worried about leaving my mum just now.

Graeme, if you need to accept now, and are not sure, then go ahead and accept. You can always change your mind, but it doesn't work the other way. Your mom will probably do fine after she gets over the next 2 or 3 weeks. People tend to be pretty resilient,(even moms:wink: ) though when it's a sudden accidental death the shock can hit you pretty hard for a while. The main thing is that you're there for her now, when she needs you most.
Graeme, so sorry to hear of this awful news. It's so hard to think of anything that does not sound like a cliche, but absolutely as Sorceress says, you've just got to be there for your family as I'm sure you are. Just go ahead with your plans if you can, I'm sure that's what your mother would like you to do.

Thinking of you, and I hope the next few difficult days pass as smoothly as they can. Take care out there!
likewise, hoping things work out as best they can. I've been too swamped to go through the miniatures and photograph them or anything, so I'll make sure you get a shot at them...

We're thinking of you, I'm glad you got through your finals so you can concentrate on your family. Try not to make any sudden (and irreversible) decisions right now. Your perspective and priorities will continue to change over the next couple of months. Hang in there.

Take care of your Mom during this dreadful period, and take care of yourself as well. Really, that isn't any different from what anybody else has said up here, but it's the only thing that really applies. Here's sending you and your family all the strength we can, from all of us.
I'll echo the above sentiments, and the rational too...above all, take it easy, and don't put too much stress on yourself. Best wishes from both of us.

greg and shanlyn
Graeme, that's awful. :cry: I'll certainly give you a great big heap of understanding, and you're crazy if you expect me not to serve it up with a large portion of my useless sympathy. I take the fact that you bothered to start this thread as a sign that you are coping well (smileys, even!). At least I can be happy about that. :smile:
I am coping. I wouldn't say well, but I am coping. It's all I can do really. Getting all depressed about it isn't going to help any, plus it's a bad example. I need to "be there" for people, so I can't really worry about myself. I have been applying for some jobs in the circle of environmental agencies, so that's something.

That's a pretty darn good way of coping. If you get a job with one of them you will be helping yourself, and helping the world too. Can't do much better than that.

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