Ceph Researcher & Fan - happy to meet the community!


Blue Ring
Jul 12, 2019
Hello all!

I'm about to finish my first year of PhD in Australia studying population ecology and physiological responses of octopus to climate change (will the Kraken ever take over the world?!). I've been a ceph fan for X years, where X = Avg Lifespan of the GPO, ever since I randomly chose to read The Soul of An Octopus. I've helped a fellow researcher raise some Giant Australian Cuttlefish embryos but will be focussing on the Octopus genus for my studies.

Personally I'm glad that I've never tasted octopuses and will never want to, and I'm saying this because we get SO many "Oh I love eating them!" comments whenever they discuss about cephs. Which always gives me a conflicted feeling of "ouch that hurts all 3 of my hearts" and "well you're free to eat what you want..". Does anyone feel the same?

Just wanna say that I'm SUPER envious of the enormous ceph community in the states and secretly wish I'm doing my studies there (actually wondering why is it seemingly the largest in the states and hardly anywhere else? correct me if I'm wrong tho!) - so, rock on TONMO!

Happy to discuss while I'm stuck working from home :octorun:

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