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He's here


Pygmy Octopus
Dec 19, 2007
So yesterday i finally brought the little guy home. from what i know, he was tank born, lives in warm water, and has not much webbing.i'll get an aprox size when he comes out, but he isnt very big. he is eating hermit crabs.
So he still in in hiding but today when i handed him a piece of thawed shrimp he snatched it right up then touched my finger out of coursity.On a similar note, where can i get a feeding stick?
Most aquarium stores will have a feeding stick (they are a plastic stick with a bent tip and a loop at the top, usually clear with yellow ends) but you can use bamboo skewers (found in your local grocery store) or even a piece of air line tubing or pipette. My Mercs seem totally unaffraid of anything made of clear plastic - no clue as to why.
Congratulations on your new octopus.

I'll add him to the List of Our Octopuses at the top of Journals and Photos.

Yes, please post some photos. So far our tank bred octopuses are bimacs and warm water octopuses are usually wild caught.


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