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Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
I think I may be loosing Hermin. Checked ammonia, there's none. Noticed the temp has gone from a steady 75 to 79 in the past few days, so disconnected the protein skimmer. Do not have a heater. Tank usually stays at 75. He ate 2 crayfish about 2 days ago. Tonight I am going to change the carbon and do a waterchange.

He's hanging on the side of the tank but suckers are not totally on the glass, just a few. He keeps getting that white look, kind of a weriod color for him.

It has been 5 months, so I feel very lucky I've had him this long. Could he just be in his sleeping pose? I noticed since I've been watching more closely, he snuggled more between coral and the glass. Hopefully I am overreacting!!!!

The other thing I noticed is my Eihmn is not pushing out what it should be. Can I drain it, maybe replace some filter and I have crushed coral that is probably packed, just loosen it, without rinsing without destroying the biological filter?

CArol :(
Hi Carol

it may not be so bad, my aculeatus picked up again last week after i thought it was a gonner...

You could give the eheim a bit of a clean but make sure you use tank water... maybe dont change media but give it a good shake about.

As long as you have checked all the usual parameters then i would just sit tight and see what happens... Have a good look in the tank, make sure there is no uneaten food or anything.

Myslef and Jason were just mentioning the other day that octos go through cycles so it may not be so bad

Fingers crossed
Thanks for the words of encouragement Colin!!!!

He's still acting weriod. I messed with the Eihmn, changed the carbon, did a waterchange, discovered my protein skimmer is leaking, maybe missing an o-ring, (I Hope). He gets these flurries of activity where he's brown and doing his normal pacing and then sits. He sat all night on top of he barnicle, looking whitish-grey. Plus his arms at the tips are curlycued up, kind of rings a bell for me for deaths in the past. I HOPE I"M WRONG!!!!!!!!!! :cry:

Noticed he really hasnt eaten since about 4 days ago. In fact looks like I now have a saltwater crayfish :roll: .

We're supposed to go to Baltimore this weekend, if we don't get this massive ice/snow storm their talking about. Hope he's still with me when I get back.....


BTW - Happy Valentines Day !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Carol

well unfortunetly it might be senescence but i hope you come back to an octopus none the less.....

still crossed
What is senescence? I'm assuming it's old age???

Anyway, never made it to Baltimore! Actually we're in a blizzard right now!

Anyway, he seems better. Has been eating crayfish again. Even was on the front watching us today. Who knows!!!!

Carol :)
Thanks Colin....

I'm bummed. He seems to have these symtoms. His feeding is deffinately off. Behavior has deffinately changed. From what I gather from the article, it's part of their life cycle. I was hoping I'd have more time with him, but almost 6 months has been good....

Oh well....

Carol :(
Well, sorry to hear that but it is the natural way.

You had a good six months... longer than a lot of people get with a pet octo, so look at it that way :)

Im sure that you will give a very good home to another one day

Thanks Colin....

I think this is the worst part of having them. I had forgotten how long it takes for them to die. He is deffinately on his way out. I checked water again and there's no trace of nitrite or ammonia. Protien skimmers working well. Will have to do a major water change after he goes and yes, I will get another.

Well, like you said, he's given us alot of enjoyment. And I have some wonderful pictures, to remember him by.

May have to make a call to That Fish Place and check in with Chris who had the baby bimacs!!! I know I'm on his waiting list!

Hello Carol,

Sorry that Hermin passed away. It's too bad their lives are so short.
You gave us wonderful descriptions of Hermin's activities, which we've enjoyed reading very much.
Glad you're looking for another octo.

All the best,
Sorry Carol. I'll miss hearing stories and updates about Hermin. :cry:

I, too, am glad to hear you're looking for another octopus. Keep us posted!

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