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HELP! Cuttlefish as pets...


Apr 20, 2004
I'm writing to ask anyone to tell me how to set up a tank that will keep a few small cuttlefish going. If you can :) please answer the following questions:

1. What breed should I get that will be small and won't grow very big that will live in small groups?
2. How do I set up the tank for this species?
3. What equipment will I need?
4. How do I test the PH, salinity...etc.

Someone please help me! :D
Re: HELP! Cuttlefish as pets...

First of all, :welcome: to TONMO!!

griffin06 said:
1. What breed should I get that will be small and won't grow very big that will live in small groups?

No cuttles can be really safely kept in groups, they're just more social than octos. I'd say Sepia bandensis, they stay small but will still need a large tank incase they get scared and jet in to the wall.

griffin06 said:
2. How do I set up the tank for this species?
I'd get a larger tank, 75 and larger and add 2 or 3 inches of substrate. Don't use a lot of live rock in the tank since they can jet and scrape themselves.

griffin06 said:
3. What equipment will I need?

A large filter, a very large skimmer (cuttle ink is very dense and thick), a sump, and maybe a heater.

griffin06 said:
4. How do I test the PH, salinity...etc.

A swing arm hydrometer will test the salinity, you can buy self tests at your LFS for most everything else. Your LFS may be able to test for you too.

Also, do you live in the US? It's difficult to come by them here in the states.

Good luck with your tank! :D
thankyou but...

What did you mean when you said 75...? Gallons? Will the species you reccomended not live together? :( I wanted a small group. And no I live in the UK. Thanks anyway! :notworth:
Yes, 75 gallons is what I meant.

There are several other species, bandensis may live together but they might nip at each other, which in turn may make them ink.

Hi, as we live in the UK we can get officinalis quite easily but be aware that they get big and you will need at least a 72x24x24 (180gals) tank for a pair...

There are other species imported from time to time by TMC but they tend to stay quite expensive and short lived.

Cephalopod Care did you have a look at that?
Yea, you'll be able to get sepia officinalis in uk. Unfortunately they can get to 45 cm or 30cm in warmer waters. If you want to keep them in groups, you'll need a much larger tank. You could however try fibreglass ponds.

Thanks for all your help! All I'm lookin 4 is a small species of cuttles which will live happily in small groups. The officinals is WAY to big. So if you know of any let me know thankx :)
then best bet is to phone TMC to get them for you and get them to deliver to a shop near you... but be warned... success rates are low :(

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