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Help! Baby cuttlefish stopped eating


Apr 22, 2016
Maryland, USA
Currently he's in a breeding cage (baby prison) in my ten gallon salt tank.
amonia 0
nitrite 0
nitrate 10 (going down)

He would utterly refuse to eat frozen mysis shrimp, and ive tried all the tricks, hes about a month old. So i feed the mysis shrimp to ghost shrimp and let him devour the ghost shrimp. But the past two days he hasnt touched the shrimp or shown any interest in them at all.

Theres a few corals in the tank, no zoanthids and nothing that could get to him. The two clowns are doing well as well as the young tridacta clam. The tank is still recovering from a cyna outbreak.

Any help would be appreciated
I let him back into the tank yesterday. he may have been stressed in the baby net before. he may have eaten as there were two ghost shrimp in there last night and only one now. unless it died and clean up crew ate the shrimp
my plan was to give the cuttlefish to my friend who has a big tank since he always wanted a cuttle, sadly the little feller died. I think he got stressed out when he was in the baby cage, possibly due to the lights and not enough hiding places. I had ordered live mysid shrimp but they got here too late, so now i have 2 fat clowns that ate all the shrimp
Your clowns may need a bigger tank too... 10 gallons is really small for a salt water tank. Sorry that the little guy died, I'm glad you had a plan in place for when it got bigger. Baby cuttlefish really do best eating live food.

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