Aug 8, 2006
I just discovered this site/community about two days ago and it didn't take long to get my tentacles in the water. I don't have much to contribute, other than my enthusiasm for cephalopods. I've done extensive reading on their physiology, have pondered mundane things like their future evolution. The fact that they evolved so well from a very distant family tree makes them the closest thing to aliens on this Earth, and hence very interesting creatures.

After going over a few posts here, I'm convinced that this is the cutting edge community for cephs. It's not hard to see all the enthusiasm and expertise around here.

Catch you all later!
Welcome Neptul. I know exactly how you feel about them!

You are most welcome, I hope you enjoy the site and the very friendly company.

I completely agree about the "closest thing to aliens" comment, and I very much believe that in order to understand as much as possible about biological systems in general, we should devote a good deal more effort and resources into understanding the breadth of biology in our world, while there seems to be immense pressure to study things very similar to us because there may be more immediate short-term human medical benefits (I'm not even sure that this is accurate, but it seems to be a prevailing belief...)

I look forward to hearing more from you!
Thanks for the welcome. :smile:

It's true that people tend to prefer the "cute" furry critters, which is not hard to see why, as you said, for medicine and for other mammalian nuances.

I grew up reading about dinosaurs, catching anoles, toads, and pillbugs in the yard, so I guess you can say I didn't like mammals much, lol. Not entirely true, since I think cetaceans are cool. I've studied a fair bit of taxonomy on my own, which has helped me create that essential mental map that every naturalist needs. It's true that this knowledge helps you appreciate things more.

I wish I had studied a major in the field, but I still have youth and tons of drive, so after finishing my current degree, anything is possible!

No pets yet, but that's in the works. :wink:

I look forward to learn more from you guys! See ya around.
Welcome for sure ! I'm with you on the selection of animals...never cared much for mammals either...


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