Hello World !

Aug 16, 2004
Now it is time to tell you something about myself.

My name is Christian and I'm from Kiel (nothern Germany), so be kind and don't look at my written english. I didnt used it for a long time.

I'm 29 years young, I studied manufacuring engeneering and business and now I'm working for an small insurace.

I have a small reeftank of 250 l and decided to build up a second one forn an Bimac. Thats the reason why I'm spying around in this Forum.

Thank you for all this heplful posts.

Hi Moron,

a sump is an small tank, which is mostly situated under your maintank.
A sump is used to hide all technics (heater, etc.) outside the maintank.
You also can use the sump as a mud- or as a Jaupert filtersystem.

Special HAI Tigerkatze :wink:
Bremerhafen is not that far away. So it might be easy to visit you and your tank! :mrgreen:

:arrow: Chris :!:
We've already talked, but of course I also wanted to :welcome: you to tonmo.com :smile:
I'm glad there seem to be more germans interested in this topic than just plain ol' me :P Raises my chances somewhat that someone actually finds a reliable Bimac source somewhere around here heh :wink:

So, I send my "welcome" :tentacle: from Braunschweig to Kiel.
Enjoy sour stay :smile:
:welcome:, Christian (and all you others I've been rude to so far :oops:)!

You folks should make an occasional post in German (auf Deutsch?), just to remind some of us that other languages still exist.
Wouldn't this be rude to the other board members who don't speak german? After all, english is the language of choice here and we agreed to that by joining :mrgreen:

just my two cents though :smile:
I like to see other languages on the board. It reminds me that TONMO draws friends from far and wide, aber ich kenn ein bisschen Deutsch. But English is clearly the language of TONMO. You - and many others, too - are gracious to "accept" that upon joining. That said, I'm still eager to expand my ceph-related German vocabulary. How do you say :cthulhu: auf Deutsch?

Octopus would be Oktopus in german, but the term "Krake" (long A like in "Aaah") is more widely used.

Cuttlefish would be "Sepia" or "Tintenfisch". Which would freely translate to "Inkfish"
Although it seems that "Tintenfish" is also often used for any of the species by people who don't know the exact term.

Squid would be "Calmar" (Again the long A), sometimes people also say "Calamari" but I'm uncertain if this is just due to StarWars influence of if this is a real scientific term in some way.
Melissa, i think Cthulhu is Cthulhu, no matter the language.....

"Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn! Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah-nagl fhtaga"

:cthulhu: :heart: :beer:
No worries Jakxx, we give our multilingual friends much more leeway than we do for such undesirable ruffians such as myself :arr: ....
Ohh, what a great welcome!

I think talking in english in the www is quite a good choice, it makes the world smaller and smaller. And by the way, it is a possibility for me to improve my english. But we can switch to french, danish, swedish or spanish ... no way, but then I'll have to do some homeworks... :mrgreen:

But it is good to see that some people speak german, that is a possibility to switch to German if I wont find a word.

On monday I start my holiday in Canada. Does anyone know something lokated in Nova Scotia or Newfoundland that's worth to visit? Perhaps a nice Seewaterzoo ...

Greetz Chris *wholooksforewardtohisholiday* :rainbow:

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