Hello There!!!!!!

Jul 25, 2006
My name is Katie and when I saw this forum, I had to join! Finally a place for Ceph enthusiasts to trade info and just talk! I live on the East Coast of the U.S.A and I am a 10th Grade student. I love MUSIC! Any music... Well that is, any music except rap... sorry out there!:biggrin2: I am also cetaceanSENSATION on planktonforum.org . Feel free to PM me any time! I would love to hear about any colleges/universities that anyone knows of on the East Coast. I am also interested in Nova Scotia, so if anyone lives up there, give me a buzz!

Hey Katie, :welcome:

main_board is at school up in Dalhousie, and there are a few other ceph-heads up that way, so keep your eyes peeled.

Nice to have you aboard!
:welcome: to TONMO, glad to see you here after our AIM chat...
:welcome: Glad to have you join us! My daughtor, Jess who's 9 just told me yesterday she wants to play the violin.

Anyway, enjoy!

Whaaaat? NO Beastie Boys? Good god. IntergalacticPlanetary has to be one of my big faves.

Ah well, Welcome to Tonmo! Glad you found us, a friendlier bunch you'll never meet. Unless you eat fish.

I feel loved! I'm glad to be aboard! I've been playing Viola for about 3 years now, piano for five, drums about two, and I just picked up guitar about 6 months ago. And well, Beastie Boys is actually an exception for me :biggrin2: I like that one song that goes "There was a little horsie named Paul Revere" and then there's that other one everyone loves, Check It Out.
Welcome Katie!

Always a pleasure to have another interested person on the boards. As Tintenfisch pointed out, I go to university in Halifax, NS at Dalhousie. Halifax is a very cool place to be, and the campus is really beautiful. I only just finished first year, majoring in marine biology, so I can't really say too much about the school yet but I get the feeling that there is a lot of potential in the area for those who are driven. And there have been other ceph-heads up there, including Dr. James Woods, and Ron O'Dor still teaches at the university, though he is on a few year break for the Census of Marine Life. What are you looking for in a university, as far as programs, etc? Oh, and I played the violin for about 6 years, during public and high school. A good friend of mine played the viola, and I have to say that I love the rich sound that the instrument makes. If only the music wasn't written in the alto clef! Well, look forward to hearing more from you.


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