Hello, thanks for providing all the info


Jan 4, 2021
Newcastle, UK
I've only had one experience with attempting celephapods which was an egg given to me by a shop because they didn't know what the animal was. I was running a silly amount of aquariums at the time including three marine set ups. Anyway, the egg hatched and it was a tiny cuttle, certainly tropical and got it feeding on live shrimp but lost it due to I'm pretty sure an ammonia spike. I'm here to gain as much info as I can in case I have to facility to try this again.
welcome to TONMO, thanks for joining! Sorry about the cuttle mishap - glad you are here; I'm confident our community can help you in your info quest -- post away with any questions in the appropriate forum... if you're unsure where to post it, no worries, we'll move it for you. And be sure to self-serve via our search feature; there's 20+ years of conversation to peruse :thumbsup:

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