Hello! Nice ta meetcha..


Oct 8, 2005
My name is Paul and i just registered, i'm planning on setting up a small tank with a single octo in it. I've been reading the threads on this site for quite a while and it seems like you guys really know what you're talking about. I'm more of a reptile guy myself and so it's good to know that you guys are as enthused about your octo's as i am about my reptiles. Hope to learn alot from you guys. Feel free to message me anytime!
Vancouver, WA
Welcome to Tonmo...you will find that there are quite a few herpers here too !

Hey! I'm new too! I have no idea what i'm doing here lol...i've never even thought about being interested in octopuses (or whatever the plural is...) but recently my biology teacher gave us a project to research a biologist and i (being the procrastonator that i am) waited until 2 days after it was due to even start looking for a biologist. Well i randomly picked Steve O'Shea's name (irony..) and here I am...Can anyone tell me anything about this?:confused:
you can do both. i have an 8 foot boa myself. i used to have chameleons and bearded dragons but im still amazed at the great colors in chameleons. especially the kind i had those things are like living rainbows... but it seems a lot less practical than cuttlefish or octopus colors. that got me thinking of getting a chameleon to put next to my cuttle/octopus tank.
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