Hello. New to cephs.


Aug 22, 2009

I've been reading around this forum for a looooong time, going on two years now. I've finally made the plunge to get myself an octo three weeks ago when one showed up at the local fish store. He seemed to be in fairly rough shape, but he's come along very well since I've brought him home. He's surprisingly active.

When I bought him he only had six and a half arms, but the two that are missing have started to grow back, I'm quite pleased to report. It took him awhile to get over being spooked when people come up to the tank, and even longer to get over my dogs. He really didn't like my dogs lol.

Anyway, I really just wanted to say hi, and that I appreciate this wealth of knowledge without which I doubt that I would ever have been able to successfully keep this octopus.

Nice to be a member. :smile:

PS, what kinda octopus do y'all think he is? I'm thinking Abdopus aculeatus based on the stars around the eyes with his startle displays (which I don't think he actually does in this vid), but I have no pretensions of being an expert....


pss- does this forum have media imbed?


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Sep 4, 2006
Tony has added a couple of ways to put pictures on the site but I don't believe is one of them. The preferred way is to add the video directly by clicking on VIDEOS on the top menu and then selecting Upload Videos on the menu on the left. By hosting them here, they will remain part of your octos record even if they are removed from another hosting site. Unfortunately, there is no automatic link or photo link available and I recommend adding a link back to the journal for ease of reader reference.

Please start a journal on your new guy so that your experience will become part of what other keepers can learn. It is helpful to entitle the journal with the octopuses name and species even if the species is a guess. My minimal exposure to the abdopus complex agrees with your aculeatus suggestion for species in that the arms are proportional for the complex, the star around the eye, the eye placement, the little horns above the eye and the purple ring around the suckers all fit with others identified as aculeatus.