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Blue Ring
Nov 8, 2004
Just wanted to introduce myself (and shed my "Lurker" statis). My name is Chris Barela and I live in Southern California (I DIDN'T vote for Bush so please don't hate me) with my wife and 3 year old son, Max.
I have been interested in Marine Biology my entire life yet oppertunity and talents lead me down a different employment road: Art & Design. Happily the two worlds merged when I started working as the art director for The Living Planet Aquarium in Salt Lake City, Utah (since I work through my computer I am able to live in California to do this). The project with the aquarium started out with designing a series of murals depicting 7 ecosystems (saltwater estuary, shore, tide pools, sandy shoals, kelp forest, open ocean and twilight zone). The last depicting a sperm whale/giant squid encounter with a school of firefly squid in the forground.
When asked to design the aquarium mascott it could really be only one animal - Murray the Octopus!
I am currently working on a series of children's books as well as providing art for the aquarium. The reason for joining your clun is that I may need to pick your communal brain for cephlopod reference.
My website is www.chrisbarela.com
The Big One

Wow! Small world isn't it.
The Big Aquarium is still raising money - it was intended to be on the ballot this November but didn't make it this time. It's tough convincing some of the political powers who think it is ridiculous to have an aquarium in the desert. If this was another football stadium... no problem!

In the mean time the preview aquarium is by no means complete - right now I am working on a Salt Lake exhibit that will feature live BRINE SHRIMP!!! (special tanks to house these beasts are being constructed).
And we are working on expanding the site. Fun stuff ahead.

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