Hello Guys and Gals


Pygmy Octopus
Sep 3, 2003
Hi, I'm Innes, I am from many other aquatic sites, I even have my own but this is the first octopuss one I've been on :biggrin2:

I know very little about octopusses and other simelar creatures and that is why I'm here.

so hey everyone whats up :?:
well the reason for my joining right now is not only as I like to learn all about aquatic creatures, but I was getting a little bit of octopuss discussion over on PFury heres a handy link and I always try to get people the correct answers to their questions, so I looked up a few octopuss sites and one of them highly reccomended this site, so I figured it is to octopusses what PFury is to piranhas :heee:

I have linked them to this site, and also to the question I posted for them in the other forum, hopefully they will see the level of expertise here and stick around :biggrin2:

Also if you like I will be more than happy to do a banner exchange with you guys from my own site (its only new so it is still small) heres a handy link please contact me if you are interested :wink:

Oh, and thankyou for the warm welcome :heee:
Right on Innes,

Thanks for the plug for TONMO.com, and I hope others here find your Piranha plug useful as well! :wink:

I am no longer involved with banner exchanges or advertising on TONMO.com (FishSupply is a good sponsor who pre-paid for advertising which is much appreciated, but when it expires TONMO.com will be totally ad-free). The success of the TONMO.com Subscriptions model has allowed me to stop any advertising on the site (except where helpful/appropriate, e.g., links to eBay ceph products, and links to Amazon books inherent with book reviews).

That said, you are welcome to post your site link in our Ceph Web Directory; without looking it up, I suggest the Miscellaneous category. I'll be happy to approve your entry.

Hey, that was a great plug-fest! Kind of like something out of Live with Regis & Kelly or something. :biggrin2: Seriously, glad you're here, and thanks again for joining.
Thanks Tonmo, I'm going to add a link to this site on Aqua-PetsUK anyway as I think it can only help my members as well as your site :biggrin2:
if you do have a problem with this I'll take it down.

Oh and I love the science forums
:notworth: :notworth: :notworth: :notworth: :notworth:
I'm from Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the North-East of England, my site is a UK site, but I welcome everyone from all over the world (I couldn't get Aqua-Pets.com lol)
Oh I just noticed you are from Glasgow - my dad was born there, and my gran and grandad live in Sterling, also I have friends who live all over Scotland, in particular Glasgow & Edinbourgh :wink:

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