Hello from IL!

Michael Blue

Apr 3, 2007
Hey there! I've been interested in Cephalopods and Cuttles in particular for many years, but the Midwest is a vast wasteland of knowledge or availability regarding anything more challenging than a goldfish, apparently.

I just found this site today on my bi-annual search for Cuttles, info and availability. It's WONDERFUL to find a group of enthusiasts, and hopefully one day (with your help) I will be able to gather the equipment, resources and know how to finally achieve my life's dream of raising some cuttles.

Any info regarding readily available, hardy, or non-disappearing species would be tremendously appreciated, as well as info on properly keeping, raising and breeding them.

I am not a recent, short-lived enthusiast, but I also refuse to enter into this lightly. Materials that accurately give info on keeping these guys would be greatly appreciated as well, but resources (at least in the past) have seemed impossible to find.

At any rate; sorry for the long post, and THANK YOU for just being here. I will read up on all I can and try not to post too much until I can contribute something positive to the conversation.

Now, I'm off to enjoy your stories, pictures and videos. :biggrin2:
You've come to the right place. Welcome Michael.

If you search through the Ceph Care articles you'll find a lot of the valuable information you need to get started. There are tons of threads in forums from previous and current Cuttle keepers to fill you in on what you can expect.
:welcome: Michael, This is the place for you. And don't worry about posting if you don't have anything to contribute. You might say something that could lead to a long, interesting discussion about some obscure point. It happens all the time.
Welcome to the Tonmo community, looking forward to hearing more about you and your interests in the coming months...there are a lot of exciting things happening this year on this site, glad you joined up !

cuttlegirl;91507 said:
:welcome: , glad to have another cuttle-lover among us, sometimes we get short-changed with all the octo-fans here... it took a long time to get some more cuttle smilies.:cuttlehi: :cuttlego:

yes. yes we do outmach us.

you see i enjoy both cuttles and octopi, therefore it is proper language for me to use those two words, referring to myself among others, for both sides of the field.

:cuttlezz: :cuttlehi: :cuttlego:

Wow...Thanks for all the wonderful greetings!

I've been scouring this site, joined the yahoo Ceph group, and have been checking out the Cuttle breeders' sites all day...Wow, what a LONG way keeping Cuttles has come since the days 10 years ago when James Wood's site was the only one out there and the only way to get Cuttles in the US was to buy dead specimines intended for study...

I'm going to be researching tank setups, appropriate species and sources for those...Are there any "starter" species (ceph or otherwise) I should make sure I can handle before moving on to these guys? Last thing I want to do is jump into anything and kill off a batch of Cuttles...

Long term I am eventually going to want to purchase several of a small species and help out with the breeding programs here, so you know where I'm potentially headed, if I can find success getting there.

Thanks again! I'll keep scouring the site, and I'll try not to ask too many newbie repetitive questions...(ie: "Should I get a blue-ring?" :wink: ) :bluering:
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