Hello from Chile.


May 23, 2004
Hello everybody:

I am Francisco, Geology student, I have reach this forum specially because the information about deep-water fauna, I like very much this theme specially the abysal molluska. I use to collect information and specimens of the seas and have a small collection of deep-water gastropods.
I would like to obtain information about your experiences about deep water mollusks and in a future exchange specimens.
Well, this is all by now.... I will welcome any answers, specially with information.


Juan Francisco Araya.
A very warm :welcome: to you Francisco. I note your other post on molluscs attached to squid beaks!! Most interesting.

Have you any pics of the beaks and 'molluscs' that you could post online. Bruce Marshall, National Museum of New Zealand, would get rather excited about the squid beak/mollusc find!! He'd also be very interested in the deep-sea molluscs that you're getting (as am I).

This is a very interesting development.

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