Hello from Boston!


Feb 2, 2007
I'm shedding my Lurker status like the sign says.
I do not currently have a cephalopod of any kind or marine tank, some day I would like to. I have had a long fascination with all kinds of aquatic life and have spent a lot of time creating artwork to that effect and keeping various tropical tanks over the years and goldfish too (a much underappreciated and really great fish!).
So some day I would like to satisfy my fascination with an octopus or cuttlefish but for now I am doing my research and am considering learning by starting with a small local coldwater marine aquarium (where I can capture and release when ready). People are sometimes suprised, but i have temporarily captured some really stunning fish just swimming around the beaches on cape cod.
Anyway. Here I am!
Anyone else from Boston on here? Any suggestions for LFS or resources? The 2 LFS I really loved around here are no longer (1 because it is just not so good anymore! and 1 because it burnt down in October 06)
So Hello everyone!
:welcome: to TONMO! I'd love to see you upload pics of some of your artwork, and I bet I'm not the only one...
Welcome aboard, and same here about the artwork!

As for Bostonians... I was born near Boston... our own Tintenfisch worked at the NE Aquarium when she first started visiting TONMO.com... now she's out and about in New Zealand chasing squid and whatnot. I'm sure we have others!
Monty attended Miskatonic up in legend-haunted Arkham (they rejected me). At any rate, :welcome: !

Ditto on the art.
Welcome to Tonmo ! Sounds like some chilly swimming, but neat that you can see so much.

Agreed, goldfish in the U.S. are horribly underrated...they are wonderful animals. (especially those multiple tails )

Happy to have you aboard, and looking forward to some pics of your tanks-


Only one of hers that I saw had a specific ceph imagery. www.deirdredoyle.net

Tight work Deirdre.
thanks, that's pretty cool... graspers from the deep...
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