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Jan 18, 2005

My name is Tim and I live in Cincinnati.

I have been a ceph fan for many years and read The Search for the Giant Squid by Richard Ellis right after it was published and it rekindled my desire to become more active in the hobby.

I have lurked though this forum many times since and have now decided to formally sign up as I am now cycling a 75 gal tank with hopes of buying a cuttlefish.

I have kept a LPS aquired bimac in the past and she was a joy for the short 5 months she lived with me.

If the cuttle does well I plan on kicking my Pacu's out of my 150 gal and turning the tank into a showpiece.

You guys run a great community here and you should be very proud.
Welcome Barnstorm. Richard Ellis's book was an excellent read, couldn't agree more!

Have fun here!

GPO87 said:
Welcome, this is a great site for all things Cephy. Hope you enjoy your time posting, and I agree, we need some pictures of the bimac, and your future cuttle.

I tried but I get the error:

File Too Large. Limits are 510 x 0. Your file is 640 x 480.

Now I could under stand if error said Limits are 150k or something x something other than zero.
The picture upload is working now!


Here is Mortisha.

In the first photo she does not even look like an octo! She is 'guarding' her home.

In the second photo she is expecting to be fed.


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This is why I go by Barnstorm :mrgreen:

(off topic)


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very cool pics :smile:

just remember to make sure your pacu tank has never had copper based meds used in it :wink:
Colin said:
very cool pics :smile:
just remember to make sure your pacu tank has never had copper based meds used in it :wink:

I have never used any meds. Might be a good idea to get a copper test anyway, I have a few used bits in the filter system. Thanks!

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