Hello fellow Ceph lovers!

Mola Mola

Dec 20, 2006
Wow this place is awesome! I have loved and been interested in Cephs for the longest time. I'm surprised so many people own them....I didn't think anyone privately own cuttlefish. My friends found this website first and mentioned some people had Pacific Giant Octopus as pets? I found this hard to believe, does anyone here own one? pictures?

GPOs are a bit more difficult to keep...size of tank, water temp., cost of feeding... i dont recall anyone having one on the board....
I had feeling people didn't have them, either my friends were messing with me or mistaken. The pet store by me normally gets in Blue Ringed Octos, which I find odd considering how deadly a bite from them is.
theres more than a few people around here that arent the happiest about that...

you can find links to places that sell GPOs, but youd have to be associated with some kind of institution (research university, etc) for them to sell you one...

settle in, and dig in to the mountain of info laying around....
I wanted to start a thread about the Dana Octopus Squid but didn't see a place for it(I thought these squids were really cool since I saw a preserved one at the D.C Natural History musuem)
So I should start a thread with the scienctic name under the spieces forum Because one doesnt already exist? Sorry, just not sure how this works.
sorry, i hit post a little prematurely.... i meant to look for the correct forum (familywise) before doing that.... if you dont know, just drop a scientific question in the phys. and bio. forum and one of the ubersmart (not me) will help you...
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