Hello everyone!


Dec 16, 2002
I'm new to this site (actually to posting anything) I was a very good Lurker for a long time. I just wanted to say "Hi" and hope to start posting more. I don't have any cephs at the moment, but I have been suckered in by these wonderful creatures. I owned my first bimac in 1988 and several thereafter over the years. I think this site is awesome!! I've learned a lot reading everyone's posts and really enjoy the overall atmosphere here!!

You guys are great! :notworth:

Cool deal, welcome to the community! There, isn't it liberating to post your first note? :D

It's great to have you aboard -- we can never have enough people with ceph care experience join the site. Any plans on owning another in the future?
Oh yes, I would like to have more cephalopods sometime soon. I am up to my ears in aquariums in my house and would just have to find room for an extra tank... hmmm maybe we can move the refrigerator to the garage... :bugout:
Welcome to Tonmo!!! Sounds like you have the same problem as most of us..."hey hon, can I get another tank???" :lol:
Glad you are here!
:welcome: to TONMO, Sucker!

You can always send them to me, I only have three and have had two free tank offers, one 125 gallon that was loaded with copper and a 55 gallon that someone askedif I wanted it a few days ago.....
Nope can't get rid of any more tanks. :D I actually only have three now and soon to be two. Downsizing a bit. I think everyone in the family was tired of hearing water running, pumps running etc. in just about every room. I have a custom 250gal and soon just a 45 gal with it.

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