Hello Everybody


Apr 21, 2003
I am new to this message board and thought I would say Hi, and also let everyone know how much I enjoy TONMO.com. I find all the information to be well laid out and easy to understand. I have not had an octopus in the past, and it will probably be a while before I do get one. I plan to learn as much as I can before I attempt to keep an octopus.

I don't have any experience with a saltwater tank yet. I plan to set up a salt water tank with some fish in it to get some experience and once I am comfortable with that then I will look into obtaining an octopus. I am in no rush right now and currently am learning as much as possible.

Thanks for the great site and if I have any questions I will be sure to post them to get help.
Hi Demetri,

Welcome! I hear ya... Most people are pretty floored when they hear that I don't own an octopus myself... (I've never even owned a tank)... My answer is "perhaps someday". I recognize it's a lot of work and realize that I can't make the committment at this point... but being a part of this site is the next best thing to owning one, that's for sure!

Glad to have you with us!

Hey D!!
If you are interested in keeping cephs, I would recommend learning how to keep a small reef tank...once you get a handle on that, you can introduce the octo or cuttle, and WOW! You're addicted!
There is a lot of great literature on natural reef tanks out there...trust me on this one, you will have a blast!
Keep us posted,

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