Hello, all the way from San Francisco!


Apr 8, 2016
San Francisco, CA
So, I've been lurking here for months now, but I figured it was about time to become an active participant. Believe me, in my day I've seen a lot of forums on a lot of different topics, and jeez, this must be one of the coolest places on the internet, period!

I'm a neuroscience-focused physiology student at San Francisco State University, where I work under the tremendously skilled and eminently knowledgeable Dr. Robyn Crook (you might know her from her oh-so-imaginative username, @robyn). The latest endeavor I've been a part of has been setting up what, in so far as I can tell, is like the Mother of All Tank Systems, and culturing a bunch of adorable, persnickety squid for us to Science(TM) with. I'm really interested in how invertebrate models can help us understand human neuroscience, and what it can tell us about how neural systems first arose, which also answers questions about how they are conserved (and are not conserved!) through evolutionary time.

I don't have much to contribute, being such a newbie, but you guys make it easy -- there's such a wealth of cool information and stories about cephs here. I hope one day I can pay it forward to all you beautiful people.

I'm just happy to be here, man.
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:cuttlehi:You probably know (or will meet) more TONMO members than you expect :wink:. Recently, you may have met Eric Edsinger (@000generic) snooping around @robyn 's lab. @neurobadger (Katharine Dickson) shares your interest in neuroscience and is starting her PhD work at the University of California Santa Barbara and is likely to visit (just guessing here) as well since she did an internship with Robyn a couple of summers ago at Woods Hole.

If we do (I hope) a TONMOcon VII in 2017, it will likely be on the West Coast (we have alternated coasts every two years) so you may get to meet a whole lot of us :wink:.
Hi Rob! Your username is definitely more imaginative than mine.. I'll see if I can dig up some photos of our lab to post on this thread.

Or, since this is in "introduce yourself", you can make another post in Physiology and Biology, perhaps, and you can tell the Tonmo peeps about our lab there?
Welcome to Tonmo, teuthbrush!
You should have some interesting things to post about as your work develops - looking forward to that.

Nancy (not such an imaginative username, either!)

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