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Have a look at the Checklist


Staff member
Nov 20, 2002
Hi all,

You may have seen Tony's notice that we have new content available from the Ceph Care homepage:

Checklist: Things to Think About Before You Get an Octopus as a Pet


Anyone planning to get an octopus should read through this checklist. Or, if you already have an octopus, you might find it interesting, too.

All for now,
Jul 1, 2003
Thanks so much for this checklist Nancy. For someone like myself who has long harboured vague longings to keep an octopus, without really having any idea what is involved, it is fantastic to get so much straightforward info. It leaves me in no doubt that I am in no way ready to make the attempt, but also lets me know how I would begin to build up my skills should my situation ever allow me to devote the time and effort to such a long term project.

Its so easy to daydream about how cool it would be to have a cephy pal, but the wellbeing of the animal involved really has to be any pet-owner's paramount concern. At least I can get the vicarious pleasure of hearing about other people's experiences. Keep the photos coming.

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