Hatchlings - Tank Bred - Mama Cass and Tatanka - O. briareus - May 12 2011


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Sep 4, 2006

Well, no full moon but a week of hot weather (and no AC) brought the hatchlings out of their eggs sacks sometime between my photos last night and my check-in after work today (Thurs, May 12).

When I looked in on Cassy, I saw only egg stems (unlike Kooah's brood, no casings remained). I knew they were alive last night and was afraid either she or the serpent star ate them (Pesky was, for the first time since Cassy laid eggs, on the opposite side of the tubes). I moved some of the rock around so that the corals that had been inconvenienced would have better light and circulation and saw something small jet in the cave so I started breathing again and looked for survivors. I found two, one in the open on a piece of LR and one back in the cave. After lights our (red light on), I expected any survivors to gravitate to the red light side and show up on the wall. By 11:00 PM there was only one positioned where I had hope to see 15. The little one on the rock was still there so I knew there were at least two.

I kept checking the tank and the one on the LR seemed to be in trouble and a brissel worm appeared interested. I removed him and saw that he looked OK but took advantage of the removal to make a few pictures. When I went to coax him into a shot glass and return him to the tank I learned that he COULD ink but that the COULD NOT swim straight and dated about like a released untied baloon. I opted to put him in a small tank for observation but I don't think he will make it.

By 2:30 I could find three more hatchlings on the red side wall. Two look smaller than the other three. That brings known hatchling count to 5 out of 15 known eggs (all eggs looked viable last night).

Edit: 3:15 I found 2 more on the wall at the substrate, bringing the total to 7.


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Jun 10, 2010
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