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May 30, 2000
My main PC is no more.

I've got a laptop but I gotta get a new PC and get the hard drive moved with all the TONMO.com goodies put back onto it... This is gonna take me some time... I can post on the forums and whatnot, but updating the site is going to be tricky until I get re-situated....

Got some articles in the queue, too! Hope to be back soon....
Sorry to hear that, Tony. At least you can still post using the laptop.

I'm curious - what does a power user like you look for in a new PC?

I should probably put more thought into these things than I do. I'm typing to you now from my HP Pavillion. 3.2 Ghz Pentium 4 with 1 gig of RAM and 250 gigs hard drive space. Didn't need to get the monitor, speakers, or any of that jazz -- just the PC. Got it at Circuit City. Came with mouse and keyboard and that's it.

It's nice! Although the screen has gone blank on me a couple of times, that's not good... so I'm watching that issue closely.

But what's worse -- horribly worse -- is that I can't seem to access my old hard drive. I've got an old Gateway here... so have been trying all kinds of combinations and replacements to get to that content to no avail... basically have been playing Mr. Fixit all day today... I gotta get to that hard drive or I'm doomed! Doomed!!!
Apparently you have not made enough sacrifices to the computer gods.:mad:

BTW, how do you spell check while you are replying? I can't seem to find it anymore, I keep having to use my beat-up Oxford American Dictionary.
Electrons are stubborn little critters, sometimes you just got to whack the side of the case to get 'em to cooperate.

Years ago I worked in a computer repair shop and whenever a customer's computer magicly healed itself (happened more often than you'd think -especially with intermittent problems like a leaky filter cap), we would tell the customer that the pteradactyl switch needed to be reset and let it go as a freebie. I think we got called on it maybe twice over 2 years.
OK, I'm just about back in business!

For anyone who cares, I ended up getting the monitor and a printer since Circuit City put the PC I bought yesterday on sale today... So walked in with the receipt and got the add-ons for a small additional charge.... Now onto rebate paperwork hell...

But the set-up is great! And I finally got the old hard drive connected -- was almost up all night with that one -- and transferred my files.

Remaining issue is that I was pretty comfortable with the sound editing software that came with my old sound card... now I have to figure out again how to best create and edit these Octopodcasts...

But I got Digital Voice installed yesterday as well, so I'm all set for making calls anywhere in the continental US, for any length of time, at no additional charge! Woo-hoo!

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