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Had a scary experience tonight.


Jan 1, 2004
Well, i was changing my water and i had put a small heater in my sump.(BTW my sump is external from the tank base) I was pouring in the second batch of water when there was a nice spark across the water. Apparently some of the water leaked into the heater and zapped it. Just flipped the breaker and my fish were fine. Still need a new heater though.
i had a few experences like that before

one time i was working in a 55 gallon when the light strip fell in the water commencing to electrocute me... it was the oddest sensation ever i could feel the current running up my arm and down my legs(i was barefoot and on concrete) but the odd thing was that i couldnt pull my arm out the tank. so i had to reach in while in convulsions and pull the light strip out with the other hand then i could feel the current running up one arm and through my chest and down the other!... about 30 seconds after it started i was on my butt on the floor and the light strip was across the room! doesnt feel too good you were lucky
yeah it feels queer (odd) to be shocked. Ive been shocked a couple times actually. I was shocked by my power strip once that scared me to death
yea i had a massive flood from one of my tanks, and the carpet was completely saturated, when my bare foot touched the wet carpet, zap, had to shut the breaker off before i could get into my bedroom
What terrible experiences! Glad you're all OK.

Ant, make sure your next heater is more waterproof! You won't need a heater much for a bimac unless the room you're going to keep him in is quite cold.

Fish Supply gets its bimacs from Octopets. I don't know whether they are handling any other species at this time, so be sure and specify that it should be a bimac!

I've been zapped many times, usually for dumb reasons. I am learning not to complete the circuit with my body... Once I let the extension cords dip behind the tank and salt water dripped on the connection and started a fire. Luckily, I smelled smoke and ran to disconnect everything. Fried the pump on my protein skimmer.

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